Total Drama Island: Season Two – Chapter 6

Total Drama Island: Season Two – Chapter 6

Sup peeps well I want to make this easier to read so I hope this is easier to read


Chris keeps on screwing up and takes the picture once the dock breaks underneath the campers feet. Dry off and join me at the campfire alright. All the campers do so.

Alright campers so I want you all to sit on these stumps. Chris said. This will be the place where we will have the elimination ceremony. We will also divide you into two teams. Chris told the campers. The teams are the:

Howling Coyotes: Lewis,Melissa,Jessie,Macy,Long,Kaz,Kenny,Amber,CJ,Rickardo,and Crescent

Roaring Lions: Angie,Calvin,Chad,Devin,Gabby,Rave,Karimae,Tony,Kiramie,and Colin

Both teams each got a book each that had their name on it and their team name below it. You will write down the task you did and anything to clear your mind but when youre voted off we will collect it said Alpaca. This is not Co-Ed so this half of the cabin is for the Coyote girls and the other is for the Coyote boys. Thats the same for the Lions.

You have an hour to get everything unpacked and to start the first challenge. When youre done unpacking report to the mess hall for lunch. Chris says pointing to the mess hall.

The campers unpack and report to the mess hall for lunch. You will eat it and like it. Chef Hatchet said angrily. You got it maggots. All the campers nod. Chef Hatchet smiles a cruel smile. The first challenge will probably be grueling. said Jessie. Kaz smiled. Its the first challenge. How hard can he make it? Some of the campers hearing the conversation frowned. You never ask that question.

To be continued………


So how was it? I need a challenge idea so send in any ideas you want me to use for the first challenge.

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