TotalDrama Pornography Story: 23 Introduces Chapter Ten

TotalDrama Pornography Story: 23 Introduces Chapter Ten

Present 10: GWEN

Gwen had seriously thought of drowning herself in the bowl of mashed potatoes in front of her at least more then once. As she had feared, her mother was very pleased at the thought of meeting the mysterious boy that her daughter liked.

The fear had continued the moment Trent had walked in the door. To Gwens great embarrassment; her mothers smile had broadened as she shook the dark haired teens hand repeatedly. Oh thank god! I thought for sure youd have piercings and a Mohawk.

Uh no that would be Duncan. Trent had commented awkwardly looking with his eyes at Gwen. His goth girlfriend was currently slamming her head repeatedly into the wall next to her.

Dinner had unfortunately not been much better. Gwens mother had reminded Trent very much of a grown up Lindsay or Katie and Sadie, with the exception of the eeeees and the frequent bubble headed moments.

So you met on that reality show that Gwenny was on.

Watching the stars.Ohhhthats how Gwens father and I met.

Wait you were the one who left my daughter to be buried alive?!

My daughter may be goth but shes really just the sweetest girl in pink underneath. Its just buried underneath all the layers of black.

The one-sided conversation would have continued if there wasnt the sudden cheerful chime of the doorbell. With an apologetic smile the mom left to answer the door. Once she was gone Gwens younger brother smirked as he revealed the small recorder in his hand.

Gwen recognized the opportunity and quickly pounced. Ill give you 20 bucks if you keep mom away from us for the rest of the night! The younger boy gave her a skeptical look.

Hmm thats funnyI thought for sure

As the sound of her mothers voice and the nearing footsteps started to approach the dining room, Gwen quickly renegotiated. Okay fine! Two hours! And Ill get you in that new slasher film.

The brunette haired teen smirked. Done and done! Mushy moments excluded of course. Youre on your own for that one. As their mom entered, Gwen quickly shook the outstretched hand. Deal!

Extortion aside, her kid sibling could be pretty cool. And considering he just volunteered to watch the gushiest, most romantic movie that their family had owned to her moms jubilation, the demands werent that reasonable.

For the next two hours Gwen was relishing her alone time with her boyfriend. Curled up by the fire with Trent by her side, the pair was toasting marshmallows over the flame, each telling the other an unheard story from camp.

So yeah, waking up in the middle of the night to see a 50 foot python wrapped around the brickhouse was pretty shocking, but it didnt really sink in until after we tossed the thing in water.

So that was why there was the hole in the dock. Gwen commented with wide eyes. Inwardly she was thanking her lucky stars that the cabin switch had been the other way around. Trent smiled back. Okay your turn.

Well remember how everyone was wondering about the crushing on Bridgette book that Ezekiel always carried around?

Yeahthe dude never let go of the thingnot even after Geoff tried todiscourage him from reading it. What was his deal?

Well youre not going to believe this one.

When the telephone had rung at exactly 6:00 a.m. Gwen had merely groaned and rolled over. It was obviously a fluke. She reasoned to herself trying to drown the shrill alarm out with the pillow. As silence filled the room once more she sighed with relief and tucked herself further in the covers.

She had just drifted off to sleep once more when the telephone rang again. And again. And again. Finally the goth lunged for the phone picking it up harshly. WHAT! She growled deeply only to hear an automatic recording of a cheery woman announcing that it was time to get up.

Ezekiel was already outside lying on one of the pool loungers in the sunshine. His eyes masked completely by the dark shades he had taken to wearing. Silently she watched as the short male took a bite from the breakfast plate nearby before staring again at that book.

The sight of the dolphin on the cover jumping over the ocean of blue had caused many different reactions. Bridgette had rolled her eyes, Geoff wanted to rip it into pieces and the others wondered what was so important about it.

It wasnt until she noticed Ezekiel pick up the pen to write in the book that she had understood. Who would have guessed Mr. Sexist keeps a journal. Ezekiel jumped in surprise, accidentally flinging the hardcover away from him.

It took a minute to sink in and when it did the prairie boy let out a horrified yell. Scrambling out of the lounger and falling in the process, Ezekiel had wasted no time in jumping in the water searching frantically for the book.

An amused Gwen held the journal above her head and cleared her throat catching the other teens attention. Ezekiel had smiled in relief as he climbed out of the water and headed straight for her.

Uh you might want to dry off first. Gwen suggested holding the book out of the reach of the dripping hand. The homeschooled boy nodded as he grabbed a towel. In the process the toque had been removed showing off the mullet in greater detail.

So Mr. Sexistwhats the deal with this thing? The boy spun around to face her with his eyes darkened in anger. Foor the last time eh, stop calling me that! The towel was flung to the ground and the book was yanked away. Holding it protectively in his hands, Ezekiel continued, removing his sunglasses to look her straight in the face.

Courtney didnt jump, didnt do none of the challenges, and insulted everyone. Beth had that statue thing. Geoff stripped on a moose, Bridgette loost the tentit goes on and on! And Im joost homeschooled.

Ezekiel let out a sigh as he broke eye contact. Opening the book quickly he stared down at the unseen written words for what seemed like forever. Then without warning, he turned the book around allowing the goth to see what had been written.


The single word had baffled her mind. So much that she didnt notice the journal being removed. The sound of the door slamming had broken her out of her daze. Looking around she wasnt surprised to see the homeschooled teen had left the area.

In real time Trent looked just as stunned. Before he could comment, Gwens brother came in the room carrying a brown box decorated with little green trees. Snagged it before mom noticed. As it was tossed over Gwen nodded her thanks before the younger of the siblings disappeared once more.

Opening the box she pulled out the pair of plates practically overflowing with sweets. Undoing the wrap she raised an eyebrow as she noticed the gingerbread cookie. Someone had carefully iced it to resemble a miniature version of herself complete with sketchpad.

Its a good likeness. Trent commented looking over her shoulder. However I tend to favor the original. Gwen blushed as she reached in the box once more to reveal a small gift in green tissue and a red note. The gift contained the cookie cutter while the noteGwen almost dropped it as she read the green words.

Two plates. One foor the person I met on the island and the other to share with friends and family eh.

And In case I never said soo, I didnt knoo I was hurting people with my woords and Im really really really soorry for what I said on the island before eh!

I think Im up to 14 now

Oh! Uhhh..

Happy Holidays, Gwen


Gwen smiled. Just when you think you know someone, they turn out to surprise you. Trent looked up from the cookie. So who sent it? Gwens smile grew as she moved the note out of reach. Oh somehow I have a feeling youll find out for yourself.

I’m Zatchie from South Dakota, my fav characters are Cody and
Gwen, and I wish for a new pet cat.

Imagis ramblings: Finally! 10 is done! These 4-10 shifts everyday is zapping all my energy to write with all those crazy holiday shoppers! And my free day today is about to get cancelledgot called in to work for another evening shift!

Oh well.income is income.though now it might be more unlikely Ill finish this before vacationIll try though.

Okay Camper 11 hopefully will be up tonightif I have the energy.

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