Total Drama Pornography Story: Opposites attract Chapter 1

Total Drama Pornography Story: Opposites attract Chapter 1


I do not own any TDI BOO Friggin HOO!

is a mixed up story of Courtney and Duncan. Therefore Courtney is the
criminal and Duncan is Mr. Perfect and everyones personality is
screwed. SO DONT JUDGE ME! O_o but I would like advice J

group of girls sat around the table waiting for there boss to come
out. The tense dark room was small, only lit by a small candle light
reflecting the little glows from the cold emotionless faces that
dwell inside it. A pale girl started playing with her swiss army
knife twirling it around her fingers in precision. Her green and
black short hair was shadowing the dimming light. She wore an opened
black leather trench coat, with knee high leather chained boots,
black caprees, and a black bra underneath a fishnet shirt. She rested
her legs on the table and observed the other girls like they have
been her. Right across from her a girl with black shades (sunglasses)
that looked strait at her. She had this type of evil glare to her.
The candle light reflected of her head which told everyone she was
bald. She continued to tap her finger on her folded arms. She wore
thigh high red hooker boots, red leather short skirt, and a red tube
top. Right next to her a redhead was sleeping with her arms folded
onto the table, and snoringLOUD. Her drool made a pool off the
table and onto her green dress that reaches to her thigh. Her black
jacket also felt the effects of her drool. Next to her was a brown
skinned woman. She sat with her to legs spreaded open with one hand
on the seat arm and her elbow on the chair top. She wore black
leather skinny jeans tucked underneath knee high black boots, that
had buckles all the way up, and no heels. She had on a black Victoria
secret bra on with no shirt or jacket. Her mocha hair leveled her
face which showed a hint of murder. She had three different piercing
in her ear all connected by small chains. She wore gloves with holes
in them which let her fingers go free. Her nails all painted black,
and she wore black lipstick. Three tattoos were visible. There was a
huge one on the right side on her back that reach from the tip of her
shoulder to her butt, it was a picture of a dragon. The bottom left
side of her stomach was a medium size tattoo of a skull. Then a long
tattoo wrapping around her left arm which was a black rose. She had
her eyes focused on the bald girl.

door creped open as a blonde walked in. She was tall and her body
would be the envy of most teenage girls. Good morning ladies.
She said as she sat down. She wore a long black dress with a slit up
to her thigh. Her hair was wrapped in a bun and she sat , talked, and
walked like a goddess. My name is Lindsay, do you know why I
called you here? she said in a toneless matter. The baldly jumped
in right away, Of course we dont know, you called us her to
tell us, didnt you?! the redhead woke up immediately YOULL
NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!! her finger was directly pointed at Lindsay.
O well hello there. she quickly took back her hand and waved.
Good afternoon Izzy, I called you all here because you are the
best of the best, the crme ol la crape. The what? Frankly
dear, the best. Heather is the best hacker, Izzy best in disguise,
Gwen best procession killer, and Courtney best in espionage. I called
you together because I want to play a little game on some stock
holders. heather got out of her chair I dont play games.
she started to walk out before Lindsay stopped her. I promise
youyou will like this game. the was a hint of slyness to her
voice. Heather sat back down. As I was saying, before the head of
the CEO retired he was one of the main players of the drug
trafficking market, I use to always play games with him so it would
be easy for me to put into the black market under complete secrecy.
After he retired this was found out and the FBI found my previous
agents that made all this possible and killed them. Now there looking
for me, so this game is going to be a little more intense, only
because I am pissed. The new head of the CEO goes by the name
Duncan.Were going to have a little fun with him. OH! OH! How
much fun are we talkin? Like a apple bit size or like a PUMPKIN?!
That kinda reminds me of the time were I sent a rat into a office
building with a bomb strapped around its back and when it was in the
center it was like BOOM KABOOM POW WA! The ending was kinda horrible
but then again retro, because I got a lot of money and started to
skip around the dead bo.. Izzy was then cut off by Lindsay
Its going to be a lot of fun Izzy, but first we need to cause a
scene and kidnap his friend. Which friend? Gwen asked. Then
Lindsay threw a folder down on the table.

of a blonde man popped out. His name is Geoff he also works at the
CEO. Courtney you will kidnap him. Heather will turn off all of the
security cameras. Izzy will go in the main room in disguise and be a
distraction while you grab him. You will also be in disguise. Gwen
will shoot all security from a building window across the street. I
will be keeping in contact with these. She pulled out multiple
pairs of earrings. These are actual microphones I can hear you,
and you can hear me. she turned to Courtney You are the number
one player right now, do you under stand Courtney? she turned her
head slightly and curled her lips seductively. Call me princess.


short for my first chapter but PLZ GIV ADVICE. Because I dont know
If I did well. This chapter was mainly detail but i promise actual
action next chapter, so plz REVIEW!!!!!!!!

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