TotalDrama Pornography Story: Opposites attract – Chapter Five

TotalDrama Pornography Story: Opposites attract – Chapter Five

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looked at the briefcase that arrived at theyre hotel room. One top
strapped to the briefcase was a delicately folded piece of paper.
Trent picked it up and read it. It says go to this party, go to
the west hall with the case and wait for a person named Chris hell
tell you what to do from there, and dont forget to look specious,
and the cloths your wearing is in the closet. Trent pointed to the
address on the backside of the paper, Thats were we need to
go. All right then lets eat first, I ordered some room
service. Duncan pointed at the food. The two boys almost
immediately shoved food down there throat until they noticed that the
woman did not join them. Duncan motioned her over, and saw a slight
hesitation Come on, you too, I know your hungry. She decided to
go over and joined them. My name is Duncan and this is, Trent.
Trent nodded his head because he had food in his mouth. Courtney was
in between emotion of jumping over the table to kill them both, or to
sit and smile. She choose neither. My name is Courtney. she
kept her conversation short to control herself from strangling him.
She is not use to people knowing her identity unless she was about to
kill them. Just then her earring went off, but only she could her.
Courtney go somewhere where we can talk.

sound was of the blonde woman, who was the mastermind of everything.
Courtney put her hand on her stomach, trying to resemble a stomach
ache. Ah, C-Courtney are you okay?! Duncan nearly jumped over
to her and checked for pulse, and signs of fever. N-no Im fine
I think I need to just go to the bathroom, excuse me for a sec.
She got up keeping her hands rapped around her stomach slightly bent
down. She went in the bathroom and shut the door, locked it, then
turned on the water faucet. The men sat back down at the table
slightly disturbed. She pressed her index finger on the earring. Her
face turned cold Im alone. the dark voice came back on
Good. Courtney sat on the edge of the bathtub. As you
know you will be going to the party, While you guys are waiting
excuse yourself away from them. Why? the was a slight pause
Are you in the bathroom? Yea. Open the cabinet
underneath the sink. Pull off the back wall, because its fake. She
followed the directions. As she pulled off the back wall a sal manila
folder fell out. She flipped through it and faces popped out, Three
men, One girl. Whats all this? While your at the party
your going to get rid of them for me. You mean Yes
Courtney eliminate, annihilate, degenerate, destroy, kill, murder.
Nice way of putting it.

you start getting ready, there is a picture of a woman holding a
umbrella in the side room. Behind it is a dent in the wall, in that
wall is a bunch of variety of weapons. Choose to your liking, but
dont forget secrecy. The frequency turned off as the
conversation ended.


time to get ready. Duncan announced actually sounding a bit
exited. I call that room, So no one come in. She went in the
room and shut the door and locked. Shes a little paranoid isnt
she? Trent asked. Well if you were strapped to a bomb, and
drugged to hell, you would be too. Duncan suggested. Courtney got
the dress out of the closet along with knife straps, and a two
holsters. First she pulled off the wall picture and spreaded out her
variety of weapons on the bed. She choose 6 knives and put them in
the straps. The six spreaded out from pocket knives to swiss army
knives. She pulled up two pistols and picked up silencers to put on
it. She also picked up two viles both just as deadly, one poisonous
dissolving pills, and the other liquid poison. She put those in her
hair. She put all the other weapons back and put the painting back on
the wall. She had her underwear on with holsters strapped around
her upper thighs. She pulled on a black dress that reached down to
her ankles, but had slits going up both sides to her upper kneecap.

hair just reached the nape of her neck as she brushed it down. She
put on a black choker necklace, with black jewels hanging off. She
clipped up her hair from the right from failing down with a black
rose. She kept on her black pearl earrings so she can communicate.
Her lipstick was a gold color and she matched her eyelids the same
color. As she put on her 4 inch black strapped up stiletto heels she
took the chance to look over the files Lindsay have given her. Emilio
Gusto, French, blonde, blue eyed, 5.6, weighs 181, The Boss. Rico
Pizzicato, Italian, brunette, green eyed, 5.7, weighs 175, The
Accomplice. Jean Vodavoc , Russian, black hair, dark blue eyes, 5.9,
weighs 204, The Threat. Bianca Romano, Spanish, brunette, hazel eyes,
4.6, weighs 110, The Spy.

reread them all in her head so she can remember there faces. Her long
gorgeous, elegant legs showed in the mirror as she checked to see if
any weapons were visible. They were all concealed. The top of the
dress had two straps for extra security. A knocked sounded on the
door Hurry up princess its almost time to go. The voice
said. Hearing the voice call her princess put her in a slight state
of shock. She walked open to the door and opened it.

ready. she said. Duncan was in a nice black tuxedo with no tails
and a bow tie, with a white undershirt. When she looked at his face
she saw his eyes wondering on every part of her body. Each time he
tried to look away he was drawn to it more. Every time he turned back
he turned a darker shade of red. Wow, lookin hot. said Trent.
Duncan suddenly found his breath and nearly ran out the door. Dont
forget the invitation. He said on his way out. Courtney prepared
to clear her mind, and focused on who her prey was.


walked up to the house were the party was. Thousands of people were
there, and the music was blazing. They waited at a table in the west
hall for the mysterious guy name Chris. Courtney sat cross-legged
looking for the familiar faces. Then she found one. The green eyed
drunk brunette made his way to the bar. She reached in her purse and
pulled one pill out of its canister in a way were no one can see it.
Ill be back, Im going to ask if anyone knows who Chris is.
Good idea. Trent lifted up his thumbs. Good luck. Duncan
said still bright red and unable to meet her gaze. Ill be
back. She headed to the bar towards her drunken prey. She sat at a
stool next to him. One crystal margarita please. she said in a
buzzed voice. The mans eyes roamed and violated her body while he did
this she slid the pill in her own drink. Hey beautiful. his
voice slurred. Hello, handsome. she said in a slow seductive
voice. She crossed her legs and began sliding them up his thigh. A
little proactive arent we? she took his own drink and sipped
it, she licked her lips which left him memorized by her movement.
Your margarita looks good. his slurred. She took a sip in her
mouth and turned the mans body around. She lifted herself on the mans
lap, legs crossed around his back. Then grabbed his face, She pressed
her lips to his and let him drink from her mouth. His tongue swam
through her mouth to get every drop he could. She pulled away and
offered him the cup.

took it and smiled his drunken smile, she got off of him and swayed
away back to her table. She thought to herself The
poison will take a hal
hour to take effect, and something tells me thats not going to be
his last drink..or is it.
she got to the table she spoke into her earring One, down three to
go. Then she decided not to head back to the table until she got
them all. Then the Russian passed by, with the boss. oh,
I get to knock out two with one hit.
isolated themselves from the party and went around the corner
she thought. Then a small metal object was pressed to her back. A
female voice sounded Follow me before I blow you sky high, I know
who you work for. It was the Spanish woman that had a gun to her
back. She led her away from her two other victims to a other isolated
part of the house. She led her upstairs into a cold dusty room then
locked the door. Its
bad enough she caused me to loose sight of the others.but its a
other thing once you know who I am.

Say goodbye. as she was pulling the trigger Courtney grabbed
her arm with her left away from the gun, And her right elbow whipped
up on the girls chin, causing a broken jaw. The gun fell on the

woman dove for it only seeing it being kicked away. She then grabbed
Courtney around the waist put her legs on her stomach and catapulted
her to the wall. She hit a bookcase and her eyes were wide with pain.
You couldnt honestly think you the strongest. The woman
managed to talk with a broken jaw and a bloody mouth. Courtney was
sprawled out on the floor laughing, then her voice went cold Try
me bitch. She whipped out her knife which know was in the womans
shoulder. She screamed in pain and did not realize fist coming to her
face. Courtney rapidly socked her then the woman grabbed a chair and
hit her across the face. She fell back, and stopped the next hit with
a other knife , and kicked her in the gut. Courtneys mouth was now
bleeding. She grabbed the woman by the scalp of her hair and slammed
that head against the wall over and over. Then in a sour sweet voice
Now, let me ask you..who do you work for? she put her foot
on her shoulder and ripped out the womans hair full throttle.

screeched in pain and fell on the floor holding her head. Courtney
put her heel tip on the womans temple on the side of her face.
The Hazel eyed woman looked horrified. Your right I do think Im
the strongest. She then pierced the side of the womans head.
Blood poured out of it like a overflowing rain. The womans body
flinched but then laid motionless on the cold dusty ground. Then
Courtney walked into the bathroom to wash the blood off. She walked
out the door giving one last look to the body and then closed and
locked it. As she walked out to the party she saw a girl crying.
Hey, whats wrong? Some guy did of alcohol poisoning, and
he was right next to me! Courtney then walked away as the girls
friends comforted her. She walked towards the area she saw the two
men last and they were still there.

she saw something unexpected in that little desolate area. The
Russian took out a gun and shot the boss twice in his head. Then when
he turned around he noticed Courtney holding up a gun. She turned her
head slightly and smiled as she pulled the trigger. She put the gun
in its holster and walked back to the table saying in her earring.
All terminated. As she walked back to the table she saw the
exchange being made between the three men. Chris took our briefcase
and exchanged it with a briefcase with a letter on top. When it was
done the Chris guy walked away. It kind of makes you wonder what
was in our case, said Trent. Lets look at this one when were
back in the hotel, ready to go princess? she nodded her head as
they walked out the front gate. You were gone for a long time
princess, What did you do? then a loud scream sounded from behind
them. They turned and looked back as they saw a dead woman being
dragged into a ambulance. She smiled slightly and said I just ran
into a few people I knew. she turned and walked to the car as the
men followed closely behind. Wow, I wonder what type of party is
this? They found four dead bodies in one hour! she heard Trent
say. Theres not always fun in playing games.


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